Environmental and cultural Systems
The SAC is a group of gather together territorial entities that have the same objective of enhancing and integrating the management of environmental and cultural assets like protected areas, historical and archaeological monuments, museums, historical theatres, libraries and archives. Promoted from partnerships constituted of public institutions, regional parks, natural reserve, associations, foundations and private partners they establish the management of cultural and territorial complexes thanks to the capacity of promoting ways of integrated enhancement.

Management of Cultural Heritage
Through the SAC, the Region of Puglia and local partnerships promote a long lastly integrated management of cultural and environmental heritage of the territory. The key element of the SAC is the asset whether cultural or environmental or simply attractive for unique and peculiar characteristics. The main purpose is the perception of a single asset like an element of a wide system, usable through thematic or general ways.

The Objectives
The SAC of the Serre Salentine is one of the 18 Environmental and Cultural Systems promoted by the Puglia Region financed thanks to Axis fourth, Actions 4.2.2 and 4.4.2. Part of it are the city councils of Poggiardo, Botrugno, Cursi, Maglie, Miggiano, Minervino di Lecce, Montesano Salentino, Nociglia, Ruffano, San Cassiano, Sanarica, Scorrano, Specchia, Spongano, Supersano e Surano. Thanks to the coordinated activity put in use by the managing board it aims at a coordinated and sustainable use of the assets, to the development, the rationalization and the quality of the services and of the activities tied to enhancement of the heritage with an ambitious objective of increasing employment and the quality of life of the local community.